Friday, October 21, 2011

UNM Med Students Present @ AHAHS

Albuquerque - Two 4th year UNM med students, Melanie Baca and Maria Montoya, presented to Ms. Cox's AP Government class and Ms. Hoose's Forensics class on 10-20-2011. As part of their coursework med students are required to create and formulate a legislative policy project and a community project.
The soon-to-be doctors presented as follows: Maria Montoya, Policy Project: Teen Health Proposal for State of NM; Ms. Montoya graduated from Valley High School and received her B.S. from UC San Diego, where she was a varsity soccer player! Melanie Baca's community presentation, based upon her own life experience relayed "How to achieve your dream of going to college and becoming a doctor". Ms. Baca is a graduate of Capitol High in Santa Fe and received her B.S. from NMSU, she has interned at Harvard and LANL.