Friday, October 21, 2011

UNM Med Students Present @ AHAHS

Albuquerque - Two 4th year UNM med students, Melanie Baca and Maria Montoya, presented to Ms. Cox's AP Government class and Ms. Hoose's Forensics class on 10-20-2011. As part of their coursework med students are required to create and formulate a legislative policy project and a community project.
The soon-to-be doctors presented as follows: Maria Montoya, Policy Project: Teen Health Proposal for State of NM; Ms. Montoya graduated from Valley High School and received her B.S. from UC San Diego, where she was a varsity soccer player! Melanie Baca's community presentation, based upon her own life experience relayed "How to achieve your dream of going to college and becoming a doctor". Ms. Baca is a graduate of Capitol High in Santa Fe and received her B.S. from NMSU, she has interned at Harvard and LANL.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

UNMH-AHA Health Academy Collaborative

UNMH Medical Simulation & Certification: a Joint Educational Collaborative w/ Senior Interns

Albuquerque, Fall 2011 – AHAHS’s joint educational collaboratives with UNM continue! As part of their senior internship twenty-three Health Academy senior students’ have been working with UNMH’s nurse-professor Connie Fassler, Program Administrator-Community Outreach @ UNM Hospitals. As part of a special grant, students receive training and certification in: CPR, Bloodborne Pathegens and Wilderness First-Aid. Health & Social Science Academy senior Math teacher, Rosemary Harding, is the group’s Teacher Supervisor: “This is an incredible opportunity for our students to not only receive college-level training, but they graduate with certifications needed to work in the health professions.” Included in this program is lab time at UNMH’s medical simulation lab at the “BATCAVE” where medical students work on “dummies” simulating different health issues.

(pictued above: Laura Flores & Diana Juarez; to right-Amanda Otero w/ Mrs. Cox; all photos by D. Leh)