Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Congrats on Fall 2010 Accomplishments!

from desk of Academy Head:

+Community collaborations: Police Dept. (Namdar), UNM Med School (Cox), UNM Office of Diversity (Cox/Russell), Univ. of St. Francis (Cheryl Brubaker, CNP)
+Tutoring offered: Math, Science, History & English
+Raised student assessment scores - English & Math
+Joint Field Trip to Carlsbad Caverns & Bodies Connections Exhibition: Dream Makers Health Careers Club & MESA Science Club - Special Thanks to Jo Elwess, Diane Russell, Joan Leyba/hubby & Dr. Griego!
+Spirit Activity 11th grade (Namdar)
+Interdisciplinary Curriculum Collaborations: History, Science, Health Sciences, Nursing, Forensics, English, Psychology, Nutrition
+Successful Student Advisory & Parent-Teacher Conferences
Home Visit Collaboration w/ Family Center: Brenda Chavez & Rafael Esparza
+ SBA Contributors, Dept Chairs & Coaches: Rosemary Harding, Val Hoose, Jessica Villalobos, D. Leh, Brigid Smith
+Professional Colleague Presentations: D. Leh, Karen Cox, Val Hoose, Rameen Namdar, Rebecca Brown
+Completetion of Program of Study for course catalog 2011-2012 (Cox)
+Collaboration w/ UNM's CASAA web-based national curriculum re substance abuse (Hoose)
+Academy size tripled 2010-2011

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