Thursday, August 26, 2010

Welcome!!! Bienvenidos!!! 2010-2011

Hello and welcome to the new school year! Please stop by to visit our new Health & Social Sciences Academy Building.

Returning members of our high-powered team include: Rebecca Brown (Humanities), Rosemary Harding (Math Dept Chair), Val Hoose (AP Science & Admin Intern), Mr. Leh (English Department Chairperson & Teacher-Mentor).

Joining us this year are: Cheryl Brubaker (CNP), Rafael Esparza (AP History), Drew Fischer (Math), Pablo Gabaldon (Health Sciences & Sports Athletic Trainer), Daniel Lane (AP Math), Joan Leyba (Science), Rameen Namdar (AP Science), Colin Priebe (Science), Diana Russell (Health Sciences), Brigid Smith (English), Jessica Villalobos (Spanish Dept Chair & Head Coach Boy's Soccer).

A special Thank You goes out to UNM Med Student, Michael Marcus, who presented medically related curriculum to our students on August 26th!

Congratulations! to our recently Red Cross certified students (under the guidance of Ms. Russell).

Looking forward to another year of academic success & collaboration!

Best -- Karen Dz. Cox, M.A., Academy Head

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