Thursday, May 13, 2010

Debate Teams, Mr. Leh's English Classes

Students formed debate teams and chose a topic to debate after being inspired by the Great Debaters. After preparing and researching their debates, they went up against Mr. Leh who took the opposing view. Students had four minutes to introduce themselves and propose three major points. Mr. Leh responded with the alternative position and presented arguments against the proposal. The students concluded each debate by logically responding to each one of Mr. Leh's objections. The project was a lot of fun, taught many skills about logic, speech, the power of the spoken word, debate, argumentation, research, posture, projection, and looking at issues from various points of view. We also learned how to listen to others and allowing ourselves the POSSIBILITY to be changed by another point of view without "making someone who thinks differently the enemy." Mr. Leh was very proud of how his students engaged in the project and carried it out to a perfect conclusion. Mr. Leh LOST most (all) of the debates to the new Great Debaters).

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