Friday, March 25, 2011

Dream Makers 2010-2011

Congratulations goes out to Ms. Russell & Ms. Leyba for a great program this year. As we approach year's end Dream Makers student projects will be on display in Health Academy during Grandparent's Day open house (April) @ AHA's Family Center. Special thanks to MESA & Ms. Elwess for spear-heading a great club collaboration that successfully combined health sciences and math/science program. Students will conclude this school year with a graduation ceremony and banquet at UNM.

Eating Disorders In-house seminar

Health Academy teachers collaborated on a "Eating Disorders" Unit that explored both the scientific and psychology aspects of many disroders. Three classes of students (Hoose-Nutrition, Cox-Psychology & Leh-Psychology) created powerful and emotional powerpoint presentations on the subject matter.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

UNM BA to MD Program Presentation

Albuquerque - On March 3rd, 2011, BA to MD Medical School representative, Alex Ribeau, discussed health careers and college preparation foundations with 150 Health Academy students. AHA's College Go-Center counselor, Angelica Padilla, coordinated this informative event and also addressed ACT and SAT questions. Other programs our students have successfully praticipated in included Dream Makers Health Careers Program, Health Careers Summer Academy and MESA.

Spring academic curriculum collaborative include:
+online web-project & focus groups with UNM's CASAA research program on substance abuse
+'Eating Disorders & Media Literacy' with Health Academy Team teachers